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Whelp... still posting stuff to this site. A lot more band links with Soundcloud audio. After that... onto band bio's,  videos, photos and press clippings... followed by links to online stores that still have 'product' to push. Can't wait till it's all over and I forget my account login and password... never able to update again. But, maybe being stuck in 2016 might not be a bad thing?

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<![CDATA[Argh!... © frustration!]]>

Spent much of yesterday working on the site. Uploaded audio on the pages for GG, Candy Snatchers, Cybermen, Tigerlilies, Brass Knuckle Boys and (tried) The Chrome Cranks. I say tried... cause I ran into the (da, da, daaaaa) COPYRIGHT issue... never did something that would raise that flag! Even posted the "Brutality" album of GG's. No one bothered w/copyright on that!

(several hrs later...)

Ha... just heard from Soundcloud about the postings of the Cranks stuff. They're clearing it one song at a time.
Back to it then,,, got lots more to post...

- w

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<![CDATA[Welcome to the gateway ...of my MIND!!!]]>

I've been posting the same lame website that I originally put together way back in '98. Never really improving upon it or adding interesting features. The counter on my previous site said I was getting an average 3 to 5 hits a day (surprising to me!). So, I figure might as well catch things up-to-date... with audio and video, embarrassing pictures, links to online stores (for those with money to burn), a calendar for upcoming gigs... and, this here BLOG!. A way to communicate my thoughts, inspirations... but more importantly... bad jokes.

Not knowing code (and not being able to afford a pro), I decided to go with one of those web editor/host sites. This has taken me a lot longer to assemble then hoped for. The web editor has proved fickle in setting up certain things I wanted to do... so a minor learning curve was involved. It also wouldn't host all that I wished to be made available from it's servers... so I had to improvise and link other accounts. Add into the fact my archival skills are very lacking. I've had to draw from many a medium. Faded photographs (never mind the fact there are not a lot of pictures floating around with me on them), dusty vinyl, 30yr old worn-out cassettes, scratched up CD's, and antiquated hard drive systems.

This is a work in progress. So, please be patient. Hopefully, when said and done... it'll let those who are interested... updated with whats going on and, a look, listen and laugh at what has been. And, I will be taking advantage of this blog-type-thingy... to vent, announce, document, post and call out... any and all that displays across the ticker tape feed that scrolls thru my head.

So enjoy... and check back often for updated audio, video, calendar info and blog entries. If you wish... feel free to comment, add to or correct me on anything posted.

Thanks for the interest

- w.

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